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Thinking about going on a bike trip? Keep these points in mind

Let’s put it out there - COVID is still very much there and so are the regulations induced to minimize the risk by this virus and its many variants. However, there are ways you can embark on a bike trip in these difficult times.

Sanitize your bike frequently

It goes without saying that sanitization is the ‘it’ thing you and your friends can do to ride safely without getting infected. Sanitize your bike’s most-touched surfaces frequently either with alcohol-based wipes or with a spray

Stock up on Sanitization essentials

It is natural for a biker to stop for a pee break or for buying few eatery items. Thus, invest in use and throw gloves, masks, sanitizer both in liquid and spray forms that you can use while going to the washroom and in the café. Apart from that, use your own water bottle and spoons while eating on the way and avoid sharing.

Mask. Mask. Mask

The only way you can ensure your bike trip doesn’t end up as a hospital trip is to always use a mask when you are on the road. We all know how road trips bring you in close contact with travelers and locals. So, wear a mask, and make sure you change it after every 10-11 hours.

Be in touch with news

When you are traveling, it is often easy to miss out on important news related to covid-19 restrictions and quarantine guidelines. Wherever you are, a simple google search will show you the restrictions, if any, are imposed in the area you are going to or not. If you are in a non-network zone, ask a number of locals and plan your further trip accordingly. All this while, have the Aarogya Setu app as in some places it is mandatory to have this application in your phone.

Go digital

Wherever possible, make the payment via digital apps. There are so many applications out there which just require you to enter a simple UPI pin that leaves you hassle-free from counting every rupee.

Is high petrol price putting a brake on your planned road trip?

If you are an avid bike rider, then recent news of an alarming rise in fuel prices must be upsetting to you. However, there are ways you can cut back a few rupees from your petrol bill while traveling. These below-mentioned tips would make more sense now with petrol prices hitting an all-time high around India:

  • It is pertinent for a bike rider to not park their bike under direct sunlight as it leads to fuel vaporization.

  • Maintain the right tire pressure to increase the mileage of your scooter and fuel efficiency. Tires should be inflated at the pressure specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

  • You must have heard this number of times when you do not keep the clutch lever hard- pressed when you are riding.

  • Bike maintenance will not keep you and others safe on the road but also help you cut back on petrol bills.

  • Drive at a steady speed; increasing and decreasing the speed puts more pressure on the engine.

We understand the road-tripper in you must be waiting for a drive on mountain roads and by following the above measures you can ensure you do it safely and reasonably in these difficult times. At the same time, do make sure you keep the list of the mobile number of your close friends and family in your wallet.

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