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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

On successful completion of one year of our start-up, we are elated to share our experience. Our the journey started with a quest to provide travel accessories at a reasonable price to all wanderlust, bikers alike. We believe that as much as CC and the body of the bike is important, other accessories as well demand equal attention.

One of the main achievements is that we were able to manage to put up a stall at Throttle Shrottle, Gurgaon, where Helmet Holder was the key product.

Stroll and Swing's team is equally passionate

about clean, utility-oriented accessories and appreciate excellent craftsmanship which is visible in our final products.

During the pandemic time of last year, the immense support from our customers and retailers kept us working and ignited new hope. Soon, restrictions started to lift and with that people also started hitting the roads with precautions With the Pandemic still looming over us, we were able to get such a huge response from our customers and retailers that we cannot encapsulate it in words.

This is our attempt to thank each and everyone out there for supporting us and the products we have crafted for you.

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