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Celebrating International women's day 2021- The evolutionof women in the motorcycle world

G.D Anderson once said Feminism isn't about makingwomen strong women are already strongit's about changing the way the world perceives thatstrength. Some people have thismisconception of Feminism as the ' supremacy of womenover men', but it was always aboutequality, for centuries and centuries women were suppressedunder the patriarchal norms ofsociety. But not anymore, women across the globe arebreaking stereotypes and are being partof everything that was associated with men and Motorcyclingis one of them but women areoften mocked and trolled for their driving skillsbut women who're passionate about riding asproved them wrong and are inspiring other women tofollow their passion irrespective to theirgender.

On 8th March we stroll and swing celebrated women'sday as a day of equality andempowerment hence the celebration of Feminism, hereare some Indian female bikers whodecided to live on their terms and do what they love-

1. JASVINDER KAUR aka JK The lioness

Delhi girl JK is riding bikes for the last 14 years.Her journey started when her Dad gifted her a Bajaj avenger when she completed her 10+2. In the initial days Due to safety concerns, she was not allowed to ride the bike outside the city. In2015 she became a member of the NavbharatTimes "All women Bike rally. She says the actual lifechanger was her 2nd bike KTM Duke 390.She started her long riding journeys with this bikeand after that never looked back.


Pretty Chaudhary a Biotechnologist by profession and also the first female biker from Jammu started her biking journey when she was just 16. She is recognized as a proud member of the bikers brotherhood motorcycle club India. Credited with the global women's inspiration award.

this year on international women's day this inspiring lady is breaking stereotypes in her way asshe believes it's high time to structure society with equivalent opportunities in every field.


Mumbaikar Joyce Parker, India's Gt 650 female rider is a senior cabin crew and a fervent biker.She believes freedom lies in being bold. Give me two-wheelor two wings command both with equal elan. She also works as an activist who spreads awareness about breast cancer. This multitasker is the winner of RE Konami chase 2020.


Delhite Divya Sabhapathi is a research analyst, podcast reader, classical vocalist and a RoyalEnfield biker. This adventure enthusiast is an off-roadriding person, she has covered manymountain regions of Himachal. In her own words, she said- women like us are in a position where we can have opinions and voice our opinionsso I as a women want to encourage other women as well to work and achieve their dreams and feel empowered.


Mumbai resident dimple is a health worker by professionand a biker by passion. Her dream ofriding a motorcycle started back in school days andnow it's been 2 years since she startedriding a bike professionally She holds a record of" youngest women ride Sach pass and Spitivalley on royal Enfield 500. From a riders' perspectiveshe says- it's not that hard to be a just need to be ready and follow the instincts.No passion is gender-biased.

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